How Will The Levy Money Be Spent?

If you’re wondering why the Marysville Exempted Village School District needs a levy, and how they will spend the money, please consider these key points:

  • Marysville Schools have earned a rating of “Excellent with Distinction” by the Ohio Department of Education based on performance indicators of achievement, value added, annual yearly progress, and performance index score.
  • Marysville Schools lost significant revenues due to a change in the state’s corporate tax revenue (the elimination of the Tangible Personal Property Tax). Fiscal implications result in a reduction of $1.8 million over the last two years and a projected $450,000 annually.
  • This new revenue is needed in order to preserve our established pattern of academic excellence, educational programming and services.
  • The new revenue will be used to offset deficit spending and maintain current operations.
  • If this levy fails, reductions in staffing will increase class sizes, resulting in more students per teacher.
  • Without this revenue, students will have fewer class choices and electives.